Contrary to the Table and Slots are based purely on chance.
There are, nevertheless, Certain rules that you should follow along with in any form of gaming, but especially when playing Slots.

1. Pick the Proper games

One component that Slots gamers sometimes overlook is what is known as the’variance’ of the sport. To put it differently, the variance describes how often and how much a specific game pays out.

Win frequency and Size can both vary tremendously and there is an endless number of combinations of both, but to keep matters simple, we could describe each slot game as being either Low, Medium or High variance.

  • A Low variance slot will pay out every few spins, however, the wins will be little.
  • A Medium variance slot will give you a decent variety of small wins, but may also offer larger wins.
  • A High variance slot can award the large life-changing wins, but the payouts are not as frequent.

Knowing Which slot(s) to choose is entirely determined by your playing style. Are you patient, using a large bankroll that you are happy to invest, waiting for the big pay off, or do you will need the reassurance of small, frequent wins, safe in the knowledge you’ll never lose a huge amount?

2. Take advantage of bonuses

Slots are the one game in which casinos are Very generous when it comes to their bonus offers. Not so with players. Every casino is prepared to give slots bonuses which are a high proportion game, with big maximums and low wagering.

Anybody looking to play slots online should Not because you’re being greedy, but because the casinos are aware that the chance of you hitting the big jackpot is small enough for them to take the danger.

Our Slots bonus page details all the currently available offers from our recommended slots casinos, such as maximum available amounts and wagering requirements.

3. Set a staking plan – and stick to it

Before Each session starts, you want to determine how long you would like to play for, how much you could afford to lose, and – hopefully – at which point you will have won sufficient to terminate the session. As soon as you’ve decided those, you are able to work out just how much you must bet on each spin. This can be as simple as bankroll / bet, which will provide you a range of spins per session, which equals an amount of time.

Our Slots basics page discusses the variables you can control on each spin i.e. coin dimensions, amount of coins and paylines. Each spin should offer the maximum chance to win, but stay inside your staking plan.

When Things are going well, it’s rather easy to follow your plan.

4. Don’t chase losses

Our Betting strategy page provides a number of’Golden Rules‘ for successful gambling.

The Temptation to chase losses is quite strong – some call it gaming fever. Sticking to your staking strategy when you’re losing takes a whole lot of discipline. There is always that little voice at the back of your mind saying’just one more twist’. And that tiny voice may well be right. But more often than not, the next spin won’t triumph, any over the last 100 have.

To Stop at this point takes discipline. Nonetheless, it’s really very simple: if you bet until your bankroll is gone, you are going to lose!

5. Do not bet your winnings

If You win your first twist, the temptation is quite powerful to maintain betting, thinking that you are bound to win again. But you’re then gambling with your winnings – that is just what the casino wants – and needs – one to perform.

Every Casino sport, including slots, comes with a House Edge – put simply, it’s the total amount of money the casino expects to win in the long run.

Part Of your Staking Plan was to have a win limitation. Being an overall winner means having the discipline to stay with it!

6. Only bet MAX if you Want to

Many 102′ publication, explains that you’re better playing one coin of the greatest Denomination you can afford.

The one exception to players betting at exactly the same. In Cases like This, you should always hit the BET MAX button – imagine spinning the winning combination, but missing out on the Million dollar payout simply because you attempted to spare a few coins!


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