If you’re a devoted low-roller gambler like Me personally, you might be thinking about switching from live blackjack to video blackjack. In the end, the minimum bet per hand on a video blackjack match is often as low as a dollar. Most casinos in Las Vegas have a $15 minimum on their own blackjack tables, although it isn’t difficult to find some smaller casinos that offer the game for $5 daily. (And you can discover some low-rent casinos offering $1 or $3 minimums. That’s more difficult, however.)

However, is it worth it to make the change?

This post looks at the pros and cons of Video blackjack as compared to reside blackjack. It even includes some observations concerning online blackjack, which is practically always much like video blackjack in terms of game-play, but similar to live blackjack concerning rules.

Lower Minimum Bets per Hand – Video Blackjack

I pointed out that it is possible to play for As small as a buck per hand on video blackjack games. That is tough to find in live games, but it is not impossible.

The Downtown Grand at Las Vegas sometimes Provides $3/hand blackjack, which is still triple the minimal at most video blackjack games. It is still worth mentioning. Jerry’s Nugget also sometimes has $3 games.

The Lucky Club offers $1 blackjack. It’s The single casino in Las Vegas with matches at this low a limitation. They’re not conveniently located to much, though–that the Lucky Club is located right off I-15.

Game for the majority of individuals, playing for reduced limits should lessen the mathematically expected loss each day.
But as you’ll see later in this post, it is Not the sole factor determining how much you’re expected to shed per hour. Some of these other factors are arguably more significant.

In terms of finding the lowest-limit Blackjack games, though, video blackjack has a clear advantage over live blackjack.

Better Rules and a Lower House Edge – Live Blackjack

The house advantage at blackjack is decided mostly by what rules Variations are in place. And dwell blackjack offers one huge advantage over video blackjack in terms of the principles:

A blackjack pays at 3 to two in many live blackjack matches.

But video blackjack usually simply pays off at even money.

This gives the house another edge of 2.29%.

2.29% Seems like a small percent, but when you apply it on ordinary To every wager you make on average with time, it adds up quicker than you can imagine.

Let’s compare the average hourly loss rate at two matches with only 2 differences:

The video blackjack game has a minimum wager of $1; the dwell blackjack Game has a minimum wager of $5.

The movie blackjack game has a house advantage of 3.29%; the live blackjack Has a house edge of 1%.

Faster Rate of Play – Video Blackjack

One of the biggest factors impacting how Much you may expect to shed playing a casino game is how many bets you are making per hour. You multiply the bets per hour by the size of your bet to get the entire amount of money you’re putting into action every single hour.

Hands you play per hour vary based on how many men and women are in the table with you. Most of the time, you won’t be playing heads-up versus the trader.

That most of the time you are at a blackjack table with two other players. You’ll see 105 hands per hour in such a desk.
But when you’re playing video blackjack, It is just you and the device. You will see at least two times as many hands per hour playing video blackjack. I will only call that 200 hands per hour.

Reduction per hour, you’re going to multiply your average bet daily by the number of hands per hour. You will then multiply that by the house edge.
On the movie blackjack game, that is $1 per

From the live blackjack game, that is $5 per Hand X 105 hands per X 1%, or $5.25 per hour in expected losses.

Even though you’re gambling 5 times as much per hand playing Live blackjack, your expected hourly reduction is still lower playing the live blackjack game.

Obviously, these numbers assume you’re Playing with perfect basic strategy. You may read elsewhere on this website about how to do so, or you may just buy one of those tiny laminated standard strategy cards in the casino gift shop.

Counting Cards and Other Advantage – Live Blackjack

One thing that you definitely cannot do when playing video blackjack is utilize Any advantage methods like counting cards. These only work in blackjack matches. Here is why:

When you’re counting cards, you’re keeping a rough estimate of how many After the deck has a proportionally high amount of 10s and aces in it, you raise the size of your bets. After all, you are more inclined to be dealt a blackjack and get that 3 to 2 payout to get it.

Video blackjack eliminates this potential in 2 manners:

You don’t get an increased payout for a blackjack, which eliminates any Advantage you might have gotten from counting.

The game”shuffles” the deck after each hand, which means that any Count you’d kept would be immaterial once the beginning of the next hand.

This is not a big deal for the average blackjack player, that is not Counting cards anyway. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to provide an exhaustive treatment of video blackjack versus live blackjack without examining this part of the game, too.

Online Blackjack Is Different Altogether

Online blackjack games are, for the most Part, video blackjack matches with more generous rules than video blackjack matches in the casino. Most of the timethey offer you the very same sorts of rules variants you’d find in various land-based casinos.

Variations, but generally only among these variations are going to have the lowest possible house advantage. However, these rules will nearly always include the 3 to 2 payout to the blackjack, which is the most critical rules difference between video blackjack and blackjack.

You can plug in the principles variants available Into various websites’ house edge calculators for blackjack to determine which variant at the online casino in question offers the lowest house advantage. That is the variation you should stick with whenever you play at the casino.

But not all online blackjack games are Video blackjack matches. One of the more popular offerings in a great deal of online casinos in the current marketplace are live dealer blackjack matches in which the activity is conducted by actual traders, real decks of cards, and webcams.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing video Blackjack or live dealer blackjack online, though. You’ll still have to use perfect basic strategy to acquire the lowest potential house edge.

You will also still be Not Able to rely cards, Even from the live dealer games. That’s because they utilize automated shuffling machines which begin the deck over together with the beginning of every new hand–that is exactly what happens in movie blackjack, also.

Which match should you perform?

Games, even if you’re a dedicated roller. You might have to bet $5 per hand instead of $1 daily, but the lower house advantage and slower pace of this game means you will lose less money per hour than you’d lose playing with video blackjack.
No matter which version you perform, you Should memorize and use basic strategy. There’s never a benefit to making playing decisions which are not mathematically optimal. And basic strategy is not that hard to understand anyway.

Any variant of internet blackjack, forget about trying to draw cards. That is an advantage method you can use with real live blackjack at brick and mortar Mortar casinos, but so much as I know, there is not just one online casino where That is a possibility.


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