how to win poker

How to win at poker is a fair question and we really want to have an answer to that. Let me give you mine – probably it is easier than you think. If you are willing to spend some time, learning and analyzing your game, as well as concentrating on things that really matter you are up for the good start and I will show you how to win at poker.

Evaluate your game

Firstly, you need to figure out what leaks you have on your sport and what mistakes you’re making at the moment. To be honest, frequently it’s fairly difficult to do that on your own. Since we are so utilized to the way we play, a great deal of the time we aren’t able to detect even evident mistakes. Naturally, the best way to go about this is to ask your friend to get help or get a coach to review your play. Obviously, poker training requires a little investment, but should you select 1 spot where to put your cash — this would definitely be it. However, if you’ve got an option of asking some poker friend to help you, it could be a fantastic start too.

So how you should be evaluating your game? Well, let us begin from the beginning and one thing that you really need to do is the Database analysis.

You will need Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager with this particular task. My choice here is HM2 as it has a little more powerful tools, but both apps are fine and you can use a single, which you have or more. If not certain, you can receive free trials of both and find out which one you enjoy more.

Let us move back into the database investigation. In case you don’t have any clue how to do so, but nevertheless wish to create it all on your own, simply filter out biggest winners in your own game and compare your stats into theirs. Work out how much they’re 3-betting, how they are defending facing 3bets, how they play post flop and what lines do they take.

This way you will have quite a good idea what winning gamers at your stakes do. If you are doing something very different and are losing money right now, there is a good possibility that their approach is somewhat better and you could change your game to that point.

Then I would hardly suggest filtering hands out where you eliminate the most money. Eliminate all set-ups and coolers where you pile off preflop or the two of you flop very strong hands and concentrate on analyzing hands, where you dropped large baskets post flop. Where you could have taken another line, in which you bluffed in wrong spots or contrary, failed to bluff when you should. Again, doing so on your own is quite hard and if you can not get any help from your friends or want any expert coaching, posting those hands on forums like 2+2 is a good idea. Sure, you’ll find some mad replies there, but it is a great place to start and some advice are extremely valuable. You simply have to sort out what’s good and what is bad there.

When you have a simple understanding of your errors, it is time to take it one step farther and record your own session. This is extremely valuable and if reviewing your play, you will certainly observe some of your errors, which you were not to spot before. You are so used to how you play, that it is quite difficult to find your own mistakes and this very normal. It would be a great idea to ask a friend to review or get a professional appearance at your drama because other people can easily identify items, that you won’t have the ability to spot all on your own.

Remember, this initial step is by far the most important one! In order to make a good plan, you need to understand what errors you’re making. Any trainer who is offering this can help you identify your errors and will make a strategy for how to proceed with your learning further on. Another choice is to locate your escapes yourself. If you want to do so, have a look at my step-by-step guide on the best way best to locate your poker mistakes or find a number of these vital software.

Whenever you’ve got a complete evaluation of your game and know what mistakes you are making, the next step is to produce a detailed personal plan and mend it one by one. We can call it”The best way to win at poker” plan.

Make a plan

This is the time once we must make a strategy about how best to repair your mistakes. If you opted to get a professional database inspection, you will have a strategy and can proceed to repairing your errors one by one and become a much better player.

If you didn’t get some aid in assessing your game, you need to do that yourself and also have a construction, since randomly going over hands won’t help you understand much. To be able to understand where to focus your attention, you have to make that strategy.

Plan how to repair every one of your errors – understand are you really going to take video courses, get some poker training or do all of the work yourself by reviewing your hands histories (strategy how you going to resolve each mistake individually )
Schedule for learning and playing – you have to devote particular time . Otherwise, you will very likely skip it. Thus, decide when you going to learn and adhere to this plan.

Intuitively you would want to repair everything at once, but that isn’t likely to do the job. If you try to fix everything at once, you will receive in a great deal of trouble. You won’t remember everything while playing so fixing one thing and just then, moving into another is a superior approach.

There’s not any better place to begin than mastering pref lop strategy and this is where you must concentrate .

Master preflop strategy

I talk about this a great deal but still feel like many gamers are missing this point. You simply can’t play decent post flop if you produce a lot of mistakes – it is just impossible. If that is true, then you end up having a lot of weak hands, bluffing too far or not bluffing enough. If you really wish to understand how to win at poker, you should begin there too.

Because I am playing Texas Holdem 6max money games and training this type of poker, I will focus on that. It’s simple to come across some hand graphs of what hands you should be launching from other positions and in case you don’t have any idea about this, you may get my opening ranges by simply subscribing on the home page of this site. However, this is just a one drop in an ocean of information. You want to understand what hands to defend when facing 3-bets set up and out of position, by simply calling or if to 4-bet. In addition, you just have to have balanced 3-betting ranges yourself and build fantastic fundaments in the way that no one could exploit you.

When you understand how to defend your opening hands, you need to examine dividers protection ranges, something that many men and women are overlooking. Most players shield same hands when they are facing 3x or 2x available and that is a huge mistake, you are getting different chances so that you need to defend unique ranges by calling and alter your 3-bet range so to that.

Lastly, just to finish the sweet list, you really need to understand your fundamental strategy and learn how to exploit your opponents changing that plan in the manner, that you would be winning most money against a particular opponent.

It’s a good deal of advice, so make sure that you take your time and pay for all that. If you would like to go the simplest and fastest way I really do have good news. I have an advanced course on preflop strategy — Preflop master. Each and every student who took this class loved it. Most of them said that it was the best course they ever had opened their eyes quite a bit. I cover everything that we discussed here in this course and if you opt to take it, you will have all your questions answered and play as good as possible in each and every spot.

If you do not need to spend any cash on learning this stuff, it’s perfectly fine, you can do it yourself. It is going to have a little more time and effort, but you can make a plan in the exact same manner as we spoke before. List all of preflop areas that you need to learn and move more than that, fixing it by one! Remember, this measure will allow you to have balanced ranges post flop and will save you from a whole lot of trouble later, so do not miss this component!

Learn to play versus different opponents

We touched this somewhat in the preflop conversation, but it is an essential part in the event that you truly want to understand how to win at poker. Well, winning is one thing, but if you truly want to be a big winner and always move up, you need to be good at this and understand how to exploit different opponents.

Most understand the need for this, however, the problems come when you try to implement it on your game. Sure enough, you are aware of everything you shouldn’t be discriminated against a very passive amateur player. You know you ought to 3-bet completely different ranges from great regular, someone who’s folding too much or not bending in any way.

Same goes post flop, it’s not difficult to see this in practice when determining what hands to c-bet. You really must have a balanced selection versus regulars and add a fair share of value hands together with great bluffs. But this approach is not the best one, against diversion players, since it’s quite likely that they’re making an error of folding a lot of or floating too much. Based on the error that they’re making, we want to correct our ranges and begin betting much more as a bluff if he is folding a lot, or betting weaker hands for value if he isn’t folding in any way.

If we do not have a lot of stats or special info on our opponents, we should try to balance our ranges because we will not be able to figure the way he performs. The truth is that if we are playing entirely intensive and concentrated all the information that we have, not just the stats of this HUD, we will quickly realize what sort of opponent we are playing against and adapt our strategy to conquer him.

Therefore, you have to prepare for this beforehand and understand the value of different approaches. As we said, using a balanced approach and studying GTO poker approach as your starting point is a superb idea. When you know where to start it is possible to simply use it against regulars or unknowns. However, when you experience weaker players you want to be prepared for that and know how to exploit aggressive or passive players by obeying them with strategies made specifically to conquer that type of players.

Along with our focus and monitoring of players and table dynamics, the most powerful tool to gain information is your poker HUD. Your HUD can change your border against your opponents, give additional info and let you effectively change your plan based on that. I and most of my pupils are using this HUD with great results, it is possible to see the most important stats HERE and make your own HUD yourself, based on this info. However, it took me more than 100 hours to finish mine, so be prepared to spend some time working on it. Feel free to look inside and learn what the most important parts are and how you can use it.

When you have all of the stats, you can easily identify your opponents and picked the best strategy to manage them. Therefore always, be aware of what participant type you’re playing and alter your game according to that.

Master mental game

You need to recognize that the margins in today’s games are quite small. You have to keep your mind clear in those times and continue enjoying a game. Recall — if there would be no variance and strongest players would always win, who would play against these? Probably not many.

It allows weaker players win, from time to time, and retains them in the matches. Always keep that in mind after a losing session or when someone sucks out — it is just the part of the game, which most of us love. We can not win at poker every time when we play and it’s essential to comprehend this.

Keep consistent and always be learning

Days when it had been sufficient to raise preflop and c-bet, to be literally printing money, are gone and it will never come back. Games are becoming harder and that’s ok, we just have to manage the new reality and environment of the sport. In order to succeed at poker, today we need to put much more work than we ever needed before, but ti could be a good thing. Some gamers will probably be too lazy to improve; others will fall behind for different reasons. Consequently, if you are willing to work on your own game you’ll have a chance to take on this game.

I am hoping by now, you get a fantastic understanding of how to win in poker and are ready to take the essential steps. Stick to your own learning strategy and find some time to examine your game, stats and examine hands. A lot of people, particularly, when conducting great forget about this component and believe that they understand it all. Typically, it’s not accurate and spending a while to learn new things and examine your game is something that will allow you to be just one step ahead of your competition and constantly keep winning. To acquire a couple more ideas on this, you are able to check upswing poker laboratory review.

So how to win at poker?

While it is impossible to understand how to win at poker every single time when you play, your intention is to be certain you are winning in the future and that is definitely the most important thing.

There’s no secret how to win at poker and the best players make sure, they continue to do that, simply by working on their game, assessing mistakes and doing everything, they could in order to increase their game. Whichever you choose make certain that you keep progressing and learning. You merely need to”work your ass off” to become much better. Follow the simple steps that we covered:

Evaluate your game;

  • Make a plan to fix your errors;
  • Master preflop strategy;
  • Learn to play versus different competitions;
  • Master your psychological match;
  • Keep consistent and always be learning.


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