The second most popular casino game directly behind slots shares a few similarities, but includes an element of ability . Sometimes, a very high return to player (or at least theoretical return) is another reason Video Poker is gaining new fans.

However, how did it all start? Who developed the excellent idea to combine the ability element of Five Card Draw Poker and a slot machine?

The Birth of Video Poker Machines

The background of Video Poker is closely related and connected to the history of slot machines. Be sure to read our post regarding slot machines to understand how it all started and the link between Video Poker and slot games.

The ancestors of the first draw poker machines have been poker slot machines that were based only on chance , with no choice to hold or draw some of the cards that are dealt. They included 5 reels that were spinning, much like a slot machine, and when they ceased, the random cards formed a poker hands.

The very first poker machine was made when the draw feature was released. All of a sudden, it was not purely a matter of fortune anymore. Players might actually alter the outcome of the game to a degree.

The first poker machine was known as”Skill Draw”. The first twist of this 5 reel machine produced a poker hands, then the participant could hold a few of the cards and then twist the remaining reels to complete the poker hand.

The first poker machines included only 50 cards, in most cases that the Jack of hearts and Ten of spades excluded. That meant that players could hit the Royal Flush in 2 matches just, halving the likelihood of hitting a Royal Flush.

First Video Poker Machines

The very first Video Poker machine named Poker-Matic was released in 1970 by Dale Electronics Corporation, as soon as it managed to unite a television screen with a central processing device. Its screen was comparable to television displays back then. Though the machine has been set up across all of the casinos in vegas, it didn’t become popular.

People back in the 70s just would not trust electronic gaming machines without being able to observe the reels spinning.

Later, in the mid 70s, the father of Video Poker, William”Si” Redd (1911-2003), whose Bally Distributing Company was acting as a game distributor for Bally Gaming, introduced the business executives using a new invention, a game called Video Poker. But they didn’t wish to move from slot machines, and allow him to keep the patent.

International Game Technology & The Golden Age

Si Redd immediately struck a deal with Reno based Fortune Coin Company to form Sircoma(Si Redds Coin Machines), that started the mass production of Video Poker machines, and, by 1979, a new Video Poker system called Draw Poker was distributed across US casinos.

IGT oversaw a huge increase in popularity of Video Poker machines at the 80s. This was particularly thanks to:

Wide variety of betting options – gamers could play for lower limits and wager just one coin.

Greater payout & lower variance – The first variant of this game was known as Draw Poker, and also the lowest paid hand was two pairs. It was decreased to a pair of Jacks, and consequently Jacks or Better Video Poker was created .

Screen & draw attribute – The game provided similar interaction using the sport as table games, without any of those intimidation.

Later on, together with the accession of touchscreen and more Video Poker matches such as Deuces Wild and Double Bonus being made, the popularity of Video Poker climbed much more significantly. At this time you can locate them everywhere in Las Vegas, as among the most well-known games in land based casinos.

Online Video Poker

The very first online Video Poker game was designed by popular casino game supplier Microgaming in 1994. New games and attributes were slowly added, and currently online Video Poker offers more game assortment , with more betting options available. Players can play with progressive Video Poker games with large jackpots.

Video Poker Now a days

These days, you can play Video Poker games in train stations, airports and bars. You can even play them from the comfort of your own home, or on the move on your cellular phone or tablet computer. Video Poker is now one of the most popular and frequently played casino games.

Players can select from hundreds of available variants, such as multi-hand Video Poker and other creative titles. But an extremely interesting reality is that the original Si Redd’s Jacks or Better Video Poker game remains the hottest Video Poker variation today.


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