Live Dealer Roulette
Live Dealer Roulette Review

Roulette has been a favorite luck based game of chance for centuries. The game is considered one of the classics directly next to Blackjack and Poker. What sets Roulette apart from classics like Blackjack and Poker is that it is a game completely based on chance. Similar to online slots that the game outcome cannot be predicted or controlled.

The wheels and dealers are normally monitored to keep the integrity of this match. In many Live Roulette games offered via this software supplier you will notice that the dealer alternates the spin direction for every spin on most wheels. Whenever maintenance is completed the wheels are assessed for Bias and fixed if needed. Evolution Gaming is very strict on producing fair matches that meet the industry standards. Whenever the chunks are assessed on some of those live dealer tables at the Evolution Gaming studios and Casinos they are changed when a conformity appears.

As previously mentioned the live traders that host the Live Roulette games undergo extensive training so they are the best of the best. Apart from that they are friendly people who are always ready to host your game and hit up an enjoyable in-game conversation.

The two most common Live Roulette versions founds in Evolution Gambling is Live European Roulette and Live American Roulette. For Live European Roulette the return to player percentages stands at 97.3percent and also for Live American Roulette is stands at 94.74%. While there will always be a home advantage, the principal focus is on supplying games that are usually more in favour of the player in place of the provider.
The Live Roulette versions provided by Evolution Gaming all offer rich features including in-game chat, game history, numbers, hot and cold numbers as well as a personal favourites bets menu where you could save as much as 15 of your favourite betting options. When playing on mobile you will get to enjoy a complete display HD perspective of this table and the match.


Evolution Gamings Live Roulette variants can be retrieved together with all devices from your desktop to your mobile and table. On Desktop you have the ability to choose between three different display layouts namely Multi-Camera, 3D View and Classic View. There is also an auto alternative which is generally the best since it will allow the gaming software to make use of the layout which is most suitable for your internet connection speed. For example, it is always best to play in Classic View when you have a slow connection rate.

Multi Camera allows you to observe the table along with the match from other angles. The camera automatically switches throughout the game around to provide you with the best view. Together with 3D View you may have the more traditional table perspective with the betting grids and the racetrack permanently displayed on the table.

With classic view you have the benefit of getting an opinion of the playing choice and chats constantly without obstructing your view of this table. This opinion is best if you want to talk to the trader and keep track of what other players are saying.



This version is among the very first of its kind and offers a distinctively different premium quality game that pulls you into the action. When the dealer spins the wheel you are able to see and follow every motion of the chunk. There’s also a fantastic slow motion picture of this winning number/colour as the ball stops.


This is definitely the most popular and additionally core Live Roulette game offered by Evolution Gaming. The live experience is something amazing with live interaction, a fantastic user-friendly interface and bet options such as Favourite Bets. If you are looking to play with a more speedy game then this feature will definitely kick things up a notch for you.


Speaking of pace Evolution Gaming is notorious for creating games that function player requirements. Which is why they created Speed Roulette, a superfast live dealer roulette game with game rounds played about 25 seconds each. The game includes no’dead time’ as all bets can be placed during spins to ensure no time is lost as it is time for the next.

These three are one of the most popular but Evolution Gaming also supplies a variety of others such as Live Double Ball Roulette, Native Talking Roulette where you can enjoy the sport in your house language and slingshot auto blackjack at which there is no live dealer but the sport is still live and offers a quick paced game play.


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