European Roulette Review
European Roulette Review

European Roulette is one of the two primary Roulette games found in casinos across the world. This match has just one green ‘zero’ slot without a second ‘double zero’ that you’ll discover about the US wheel. This is the sport of choice for seasoned Roulette players. This article describes how the European Roulette game works, and where you can find the best games online – whether you are situated in the united states, Europe or anywhere else around the globe.

First of all below, you’ll see information on why the ‘only zero’ makes such a major difference to your gains. I have included information about a version of European Roulette, called ‘French rules’ here also. Next, you’ll find details of what to look for when assessing which casinos to play to make certain you’re playing at a respectable site. At the end of the web-page, I’ve given you two strong recommendations for casinos that offer this game.

Why Single Zero Makes European Roulette the Go-To Game

Even money bets like black/red or odd/even don’t pay out as soon as the ball lands in the green zero slot on the wheel. In the European game, there’s just one zero slot, while the US game has two. This can seem to be a small gap, though it has a massive impact on your long-term profits.

The math shows that the excess zero in the US wheel raises the home erectile ge from 2.7% to a huge 5.26%. That’s almost double the benefit into the casino. Experienced Roulette gamers need to put patriotism to a side, and choose the game with the lowest house advantage every moment.

French Roulette

There is a third match format, called ‘French Roulette’. This uses the same wheel as the European match, also includes a principle called ‘Le Partage’. This means that if the ball lands at the slot that is zero, half of your stake is returned out of even money bets. This reduces the casino house edge in this game to a healthy 1.3% on those stakes. The reduction overall depends on the proportion of even money and number bets you create.

Kinds of European Roulette You Can Find Online

Now you can find this game in many different formats. The standard game is supplied by all casinos. It includes a gambling grid and wheel with the option to ‘rebet’ your favorite patterns. Nowadays, you can even find 3D variations, often with stunning sounds and graphics. Mobile Roulette games that are harmonious with iPhones, iPads and Android devices are offered at the best casinos and becoming more popular all the time.

Improvements in computers and larger bandwidth have enabled a new generation of Live Dealer Roulette matches to appear online. You’ll have to interact with the trader in these games – which generally have greater minimum bets than the automatic variations.

What to seem For in a European Roulette Casino

Whether you’re located in the US or elsewhere, then there are a number of superb online casinos around that have been supplying Roulette games for many decades. I advise that you run through the following checklist before you deposit. This can help you steer clear of the rogues and enjoy a safe online Roulette experience.

European Roulette Casino Checklist

  • Licensed Casino – You ought to check your own casino is licensed in a known jurisdiction. For US casinos all these will consist of offshore areas such as Antigua, Kahnawake, Panama or the Netherlands Antilles. European casinos have licenses from Gibraltar, Malta or Alderney.
  • Game Certification – Search for outside certification of the matches. This information should be available from the casino site. Names of external auditors to look out for include Technical Systems Testing or iGaming Labs.
  • Trajectory – Ultimately, I like to see Many Years of support. 5 years or more is perfect since rogue casinos seldom last this long without apparent signs emerging on line from frustrated players.


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