Did you know that all the numbers on a roulette wheel (1 to 36), when added together make 666, the Number of the Beast according to the Book of Revelation? No wonder it’s sometimes referred to as “the Devil’s Game.”

Rumor has it that the great French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), believed to be the creator of the first roulette wheel, made a deal with the devil in order to learn its secrets. Absolute nonsense, of course. True, Pascal was one of the developers of probability theory, but his wheel was a product of his fascination with perpetual motion rather than gambling. And it wasn’t particularly diabolical either, as it had no zeros on it and therefore no house edge.

The truth is that history remembers him more for his triangle compared to his wheel. And for clarifying the concepts of vacuum and pressure. And for the first mechanized calculator. Intelligent guy.

Reinventing the Wheel

It had been others, after Pascal, who took the wheel and conducted with It, reinventing it as the gaming game we know today. A century after, roulette has been played in the gambling parlors of 18th century Paris.

Roulette signifies, literally,”small wheel” and the game is Thought to have borrowed some of its own dynamics from an older English wheel game known as”Roly-Poly,” which sounds interesting at a jolly olde English way.

That was played in such Parisian gaming halls was quite likely American Roulette, together with the double zero, rather than European roulette.

Many have assumed that the only zero game was the first Form, with the dual zero added afterwards by greedy US casino operators needing to improve the house edge. But the specific opposite was true.

It worked, and the gamblers came flocking, leading somebody once Actually, they were just savvy marketers.

Industrial Secrets

Nowadays, some 80 percent of the world’s roulette wheels are built In the united kingdom by 2 master technology companies, Cammegh and TCS Huxley. The plan of these bearings, and how they disperse the weight of the wheel, so remain a fantastic industrial secret for these two producers, as it allows them to develop long-running and friction-free wheels that dominate the marketplace. The engineering must be flawlessly, scientifically precise. This is essential because, according to a 2005 study, a tilt of only one level can make a bias in the wheel that may allow it to be exploited by informed gamblers.

Moves Like Jaggers

From the late Victorian era, before roulette wheels were “perfect,” one gambler has been Englishman Joseph Jaggers. An engineer by trade, Jaggers started to ruminate about the question of roulette’s supposed randomness and decided to put it to the test. He hired six clerks and sent to the Grand Casino Monte Carlo with the job of recording every number the casino wheels generated over a period of weeks.

Then he began to pore over the results, looking for the data for Patterns and phenomena that couldn’t be explained by variance. He discovered that five of the casino’s six wheels generated random results, but the sixth had a prejudice, toward nine numbers particularly.

This very small prejudice frees him a boatload of cash. Jaggers made

Random Facts

Essentially a roulette wheel is a Type of random number Generator, whose purpose it would be to throw up numbers using now traceable sequence or prejudice. However, is there such thing as machine which can create true randomness? Well, maybe not, and that is one for the physicists, but let’s just say that today’s machines are close enough to random they can not be exploited.
Or can they?

The Eudaemons

It’s possible to gain an edge over a roulette wheel, although The calculations are so complex and must be done so quickly that, at times, you only need a computer in your shoe. From the mid-seventies, two physics students at the University of California Santa Cruz, decided to figure out a way to beat roulette and to finance a scientific community together with the money they won. Others soon joined the team and they called themselves The Eudaemons, following the eudaemonic doctrine which considers in the link between individual virtue and happiness.

After buying their own wheel to study, they eventually Concocted a formula involving trigonometric functions and four factors. These included the period of spinning of the roulette wheel and the length of rotation of the ball round the roulette wheel.

They found that while calling the Specific amount on which the Ball would fall was hopeless, they could call with a certain amount of certainty a group of eight numbers on which is was likely to land. This was so accurate they found that if they calibrated their calculations in reasonable weather, the coming of fog could cause the ball to leave the trail half a spinning sooner than had been expected.

With Small computers in their shoes they headed To Vegas where they left 44c for each and every dollar. The Eudaemons disbanded after One of the computers malfunctioned giving a part of this group electric Shocks, which led to burns. Collectively they made about $10,000 earlier Hanging up their dangerous computerized shoes and calling it a day. The exact formula remains unpublished to this day.


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